Rob Cantor Sings In 29 Different Impressions, Nails the Female Voices (video)


This now viral impression video by Rob Cantor and Andrew Horowitz showcases Cantor’s ….um, special….talent of celebrity impressions. While no one is going to feel smarter after watching this video, it is amusing. Shakira and Kermit the Frog were particularly well done (Ed. Note: Maybe because those two sound exactly alike?)  Either way, bravo impressions man.

More intriguing than the impressions themselves is the fact that Cantor, clearly an adult male, is noticeably better at mimicking the female voices. Even Willie Nelson couldn’t smoke enough weed to be convinced that Cantor sounded remotely like him. But close your eyes and tell me you don’t feel like Britney Spears is whispering in your ear, Christina Aguilera is hitting those high notes, or Cher is right there.

Overall, the video is an amusing display of a bizarre talent that begs the question: How did he figure out he could do this? And what do you do with yourself after learning that you posses such a skill? You can’t just resume normal activity, can you?

Apparently, if you’re Rob Cantor, you create a ballad with your piano playing friend and put it on the internet…but not before purchasing a completely bizarre animal bust to not so subtly decorate the background. (Um, what is that thing??)
Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 2.55.51 PM

Rob Cantor is a member of the band Tally Hall. Though the band hasn’t posted any new music in the last year, their music videos are available to watch on Tally Hall’s YouTube page featuring an array of impressions and creatively edited videos. Rob Cantor Sings In 29 Different Impressions, Nails the Female Voices (video)