Site Shows You Rich People's Mansions — and Exposes Their Personal Info

Curiosity killed the cat. And Privacy.

Don't forget to zoom! (Screengrab: Google Maps)
Don’t forget to zoom! (Screengrab: Google Maps)

We know the thoughts running through your head upon the first mansion sighting when you arrive in the Hamptons for a weekend retreat: How many square feet is that place? How did the owner get that rich? Would I be able to see the pool via aerial image?

An eerie new site makes stalking the rich a lot easier. MansionMaps plots exquisite estates on a map alongside all kinds of handy information about the properties and their owners, CNet reports.

In addition to showing aerial and street view photos, the site also gives the homes’ addresses, estimates of the their values and the names of the owners along with how they got so rich. Once you click on a home, the owner’s Google results pop up, and many pages even come equipped with information on total square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

All the information used for the site is public, according to creator Greg Berry, who oddly finds longingly gazing at pricey pads and comparing them to his own living situation “inspirational.”

“It is quite motivating to see that somebody can afford a $30M house while I’m worrying about making ends meet,” Mr. Berry told CNet. “It shows what is possible and keeps me striving for sucess [sic] and helps me move forward at all times.”

Well, that’s one way to think about it..

But let’s be honest. He’ll probably drop some of that enthusiasm when the teenage tech interns pulling in 7K monthly make it on his map and he’s still mansionless. Site Shows You Rich People's Mansions — and Exposes Their Personal Info