Solange Knowles Seems Weirdly Obsessed With Airbnb

She sounds like a dad who just discovered Google.

Ms. Knowles earlier this month. (Photo via Getty)
Ms. Knowles in New York last month, probably after getting ready at a casual Brooklyn Airbnb. (Photo via Getty)

Every once in a while, you discover a new technology that’s so awesome, so amazing, you just can’t stop talking about it. You start to sound like a commercial advertising the product, but you don’t care; you just have to spread the gospel of Minibar or Snapchat or that app that helps you get laid on a flight.

Right now, Solange Knowles is apparently going through that annoying phase, and her tech obsession du jour is troubled home-sharing startup Airbnb. 

Take this 10-photo slideshow from New York Magazine about her life, for example. Throughout the series, not a lot of compelling new info is provided: Solange used to get her nails done more often. Solange likes to sit. Solange enjoys condiments whose names are playful jokes about domestic violence. Zzzzzzzz. In the midst of dispensing these intimate tidbits, she also name-drops Airbnb on two separate occasions.

First, when explaining her choice to rent a temporary new house west of her hometown, she humblebrags, “When I’m working on a record, I actually have to remove myself from distractions — especially living in New Orleans. It’s always kind of awkward when I walk up and say, ‘I’m the Airbnb-er.'”

In a later slide, she also rents another Airbnb house in Austin a few days later: “My Austin Airbnb had a chicken coop!” she exclaims.

An Airbnb rep tells us Ms. Knowles isn’t a paid spokesperson for the company, so she really is just an Airbnb über-fan, speaking glowingly of the startup in the same way your grandma refers to the iPad she uses solely to play solitaire.

Airbnb does tend to accumulate superfans. Ms. Knowles is not alone in her obsession with the startup favored by rich people who also try to cultivate extra-chill personal brands. Maybe she prefers staying in people’s houses instead of hotels because they’re less likely to have elevators?


Solange Knowles Seems Weirdly Obsessed With Airbnb