Spy On Your Lover and Read All Their Texts With This Handy Stalking App

"I wish I could carry you in my pocket everywhere I go" never sounded so sinister.

Or just do this. (Photo via Pixabay, Ryan McGuire)
Or just do this. (Photo via Pixabay, Ryan McGuire)

It used to be that if you thought your significant other was cheating on you, you confronted them about it. Then, you either dealt with it or bounced.

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But now, there’s a way to passive-aggressively monitor their phone activity so that you’ll never even have to have that awkward conversation: surveillance software company mSpy has released a charming new app called mCouple for all your stalking needs.

“STAY IN TOUCH 24/7,” a promo video suggests. This is every boyfriend’s dream, from what I understand. “BE CLOSER THAN EVER BEFORE WITH YOUR LOVED ONE.”

With mCouple, boyfriends, girlfriends and fuck buddies alike can track each other’s text messages, contacts, call history, GPS locations and Facebook messages. The free app creates an ID for each user. Users can share IDs and start “mutually tracking” each other’s devices.

The app is a slightly less creepy version of mSpy’s phone-monitoring software, which has been available for a while. Legally, you have to tell the person you’re monitoring that there’s surveillance software on their phone, mSpy has told Betabeat. But if you want to skip that step and keep your fingers crossed that they won’t sue if they find out, you can just give them an iPhone 5S, Nexus 5 or HTC One with the software pre-loaded. Merry Christmas, I can read your texts! Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

With the app, at least couples are being up-front about their psychotic ways. And if nothing else, mSpy doubles as a way of weeding out the psychos.

Spy On Your Lover and Read All Their Texts With This Handy Stalking App