Study: Your After-Work Electrionics Addition Might Be Making You Feel Bad

Good try!

Betabeat chills after work. (Photo: Flickr)
Betabeat chills after work. (Photo: Flickr)

After a long day in the content factory, there’s nothing better than plopping down on the couch and watch TV until we slip into a deep slumber. That sounds very relaxing, right? According to a new study, using media (i.e. playing video games, watching TV, etc.) to decompress might be doing more harm than good for some.

Researchers from two European universities said doing relaxing things like that makes people feel guilty and gives them a sense of failure. Previous studies concluded that unwinding by using electronics helped a person relax from a long day’s work, however it’s not the same for everyone. The new study tried to figure out what’s wrong with those monsters.

CBS News explains:

According to the authors, it comes down to the concept of “ego depletion” — a state in which willpower is exhausted and a person’s “cognitive resources” may be worn down. An ego-depleted person may feel tired and listless, act more on impulse and give in to temptations for fatty foods or sweets to make themselves feel better.

So, when people settle in for a Netflix marathon they can’t enjoy it because they just end up feeling guilty about it. On the flip side, making plans or doing something leisurely after work might make a person feel less guilty, but they’re less likely to do that because it requires too much effort.

Whatever, we’re going to feel guilty about whatever we do — might as well be comfortable. Study: Your After-Work Electrionics Addition Might Be Making You Feel Bad