The New York Times Shuts India Ink Blog

The New York Times is shuttering India Ink, it's India-focused blog that launched in 2011

india_mainThe New York Times is shuttering India Ink, its India-focused blog that launched in 2011, the paper announced this morning. India coverage will move over to the site’s World page.

“We will continue to produce web-only India Ink sketches, analyses, narratives and news stories, but they will appear on the World page, along with the rest of the newspaper’s coverage,” a post on the blog explained.

This news comes a week after the Times announced that it will end or move almost half its blogs, including The Lede blog.

“We’re going to continue to provide bloggy content with a more conversational tone,” assistant managing editor Ian Fisher told Poynter last week. “We’re just not going to do them as much in standard reverse-chronological blogs.”

In his conversation with Poynter, Mr. Fisher declined to specify which other blogs would end, but did say that “marquee blogs” such as DealBook, Well and Bits would most likely stick around.

Last week’s announcement sparked a conversation over whether the Times blogs were actually blogs or whether they were reported, timely stories posted in a blog-like format online. Then again, in 2014, nobody really knows what they mean when they say something is a blog anymore.



The New York Times Shuts India Ink Blog