Tracey Emin's 'My Bed' Sells for $4.34 M. at Christie's London

Tracey Emin, 'My Bed,' 1998. (Courtesy Christie's)
Tracey Emin, ‘My Bed,’ 1998. (Courtesy Christie’s)

Tracey Emin’s sculpture My Bed (1988) sold at Christie’s London today for £2,546,500 ($4.34 million), a new record for the artist. That result handily surpassed the house’s estimate of £800,000 and £1,200,000 ($1.36 million–$2.04 million), a range that David Maupin, Emin’s New York dealer, recently told The Daily Telegraph was far too low.

The figure demolished Ms. Emin’s previous record, £481,875 ($779,000), which was set back in October in the same auction room. The previous record holder was also a bed piece: 2002’s To Meet My Past.

Today’s bed, which includes used condoms and underwear with a menstrual stain, was being sold by Charles Saatchi to benefit his London gallery.

No word yet on the identity of the new owner, but he or she already has one exhibition request to consider. Curators have asked to show the piece at Vienna’s Museum of Contemporary in a show opening next year called “SLEEPLESS / SCHLAFLO: Beds in History and Contemporary Art.” Tracey Emin's 'My Bed' Sells for $4.34 M. at Christie's London