tvRoundup: ‘Community’ Gets Six Seasons and a Movie

– The recently cancelled Community will be making its return for a sixth season, albeit on Yahoo Screen. Showrunner Dan Harmon is still on board, as is star Joel McHale. The cast responded appropriately to the news on Twitter.

– In other Community news, it appears there will also be a movie. Dan Harmon responded to that news really strangely on Twitter.

– The Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul, will be a prequel, a sequel and a whatever is in the middle of those two things all at the same time. Which is really just a complicated way of saying “We really wanted to bring Walter White back.”

– More people got Raptured on The Leftovers than people that actually watched The Leftovers.

– Check out the trailer for Hieroglyph, Fox’s sexy new Ancient Egypt show…aaand nevermind it was cancelled before it even aired. But, uh, here’s the trailer anyway? (Are there vampires in there? I’m pretty sure there are vampires in there)

[youtube] tvRoundup: ‘Community’ Gets Six Seasons and a Movie