tvRoundup: Nathan Fielder Sells Alcohol to Minors (video)

– If you haven’t been convinced to watch Nathan for You yet, maybe this video of him convincing a liquor store in California to sell alcohol to minors will help … but there’s a twist. (The twist is that underage people are stupid).

– Dwayne Johnson is an incredibly intimidating man, but even incredibly intimidating men need to answer to their fashion decisions in the ’90s. Luckily, things like that are why we keep Jimmy Fallon around.

– John Stewart launched a Kickstarter in an effort to buy CNN. Okay, it’s not real, but if it was I’m pretty sure he could actually do it. It would definitely be my second most supported Kickstarter in history, but that is only because I love a good potato salad.

Hawaii Five-O continues its quest to look exactly like Lost but with more Hawaiian shirts. Sorry, this guy from Lost season 1 finale.

– It’s a slow TV morning. Watch Gary Oldman die over and over.

tvRoundup: Nathan Fielder Sells Alcohol to Minors (video)