tvRoundup: Television News From San Diego Comic-Con

– Benedict Cumberbatch was on hand to promote Penguins of Madagascar, which meant the 100 percent of people that showed up to ask him questions about Sherlock left whole-heartedly disappointed.

– Joel McHale, Dan Harmon and the cast of Community gave a big “fuck you” to network television. In doing so, however, they also revealed that the sixth season of the show will not be binge-released, all at the same time. So yes, you will have to wait week by week, just like in the stone ages.

– Season three of Hannibal will begin a year after the events of the season two finale, with the fourth episode revealing what happened in that year-long gap. Also, Bryan Fuller half-seriously said they are writing a flashback scene for Eddie Izzard, which is all I really want.

24 executive producer Jon Cassar revealed the 24 team is still thinking about a movie, while Kiefer Sutherland revealed he really enjoyed throwing Michelle Fairley out of a window.

– Here’s video of the entire Teen Wolf panel, if you’re into that kind of thing.


– If you don’t love this fan-snapped picture of George RR Martin putting his face into a Daenerys Targaryen cutout, then we aren’t going to be friends.


tvRoundup: Television News From San Diego Comic-Con