tvRoundup: ‘True Detective’ Will Now Have Four Lead Roles

– True Detective creator Nic Pizzolato is now saying that the second season of the show will have FOUR main characters, one more than he previously hinted at. Fuck it, let’s add like three more and set it in a women’s prison. I feel like that formula could work.

– HBO announced they will air a special showing from Jay-Z and Beyonce’s dual On the Run tour. Taping will be on September 12 and 13, in France. This is good news for the few people unwillingly to shill out $500 to see Beyonce from a mile away.

– Is Kurt Sutter mad that Sons of Anarchy was snubbed at the Emmy’s? No, because he’s an outlaw badass. Except he actually is. Maybe. I’m actually not sure, please read this and see if you can find out.

– Fox set September 22 as the premiere date for the Batman prequel, Gotham, for those of you who like to plan things out really, really far in advance.

– Dana Carvey reenacted his SNL classic “Choppin’ Brocolli” with the help of an orchestra on The Tonight Show. So for those of you from 1986, pure nostalgia. For a lot of other people who watch Jimmy Fallon, pure confusion.

[youtube] tvRoundup: ‘True Detective’ Will Now Have Four Lead Roles