Uber For Business Launches to Make Life Even Better for People With Expense Accounts

Surge pricing, what's that?

Corporate cars. (Screenshot via Uber)
Corporate cars. (Screenshot via Uber)

Getting a cab is pretty freaking easy these days, especially if money is no object to you. But now, Uber is making it even easier — provided you are rich and important enough to have a corporate expense account.

“Today, Uber is truly open for . . . business,” Uber’s blog announces, sounding disappointed in itself. “We’ve heard from loyal users that the ability to use a shareable business account would make their lives a lot more seamless — and a lot more Uber.”

That last sentence is proof that there are just too many startups now. What if we want our lives to be a lot more GrubHub — and a lot more Gilt? Or a lot more Facebook — and a lot more Yo? That will be possible any day now, I’m sure.

If you work for the kind of place that has a corporate bank account, all you have to do is get your employer to sign up and add employees’ names. There’s also a system for “business travelers,” which we’re pretty sure doesn’t mean bloggers who commute from the outer boroughs, unfortunately.

There’s also a “double bonus,” Uber’s blog says, sounding more dystopian than 1984. This “double bonus” enables American Express Corporate Cardholders to earn double points or use points to pay for Uber rides. What, in case they run out of money?!

“But it doesn’t stop here,” the blog continues. “We’re also launching a new partnership with Concur, the world’s leader in spend management solutions with over 20,000 business clients around the globe…”

Oops, sorry, fell asleep. There are also a bunch of double-plus-good quotes from businessmen named Henry and George and Gerard at the bottom of the blog post to really seal the deal. Also, Uber says, buzzy startups Tesla and Gilt have already been having a Fancy time using the totally Seamless Uber for Business. Sounds Fab. Uber For Business Launches to Make Life Even Better for People With Expense Accounts