‘Undress Me’: Watch Strangers Get Naked Together for ‘Masters of Sex’ (video)

Remember the filmmaker that got all those strangers to make out, but it was actually to advertise clothes, but everyone still thought it was beautiful and passionate and not in the least bit awkward except it was, kinda?

Well, that filmmaker decided to up the ante and drop the panty.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKZa-Kb4Nng]


Undress Me┬áis the latest from Tatia Pilieva, in collaboration with Showtime’s Masters of Sex. As you have probably already seen (again and again and again, you dog), Ms. Pilieva once again brought two strangers together and this time asked them to undress each other and get into a bed. After that, Ms. Pilieva let the hormones take over. “I asked strangers to undress each other and get in bed. Nothing else. No rules,” the artist’s Youtube page says. Yupp, nothing else. Unrelated, but here is an artist rendering of Ms. Pilieva.

Anyway, the video does offer a wide range of experiences, from the unbearably uncomfortable (2:28, Awk City) to the downright adorable (“these are my favorite trousers,” for the word trousers alone). Oh, and that one couple that you totally knew was going to boink the second they stepped on to set, You know the one.

OMG so nervous.
‘Undress Me’: Watch Strangers Get Naked Together for ‘Masters of Sex’ (video)