Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Reddit HQ, Host Reddit AMA to Talk About It

The focus of their protest is late Internet activist Aaron Swartz.

A delightful WBC protester. (Wikipedia)
A delightful WBC protester. (Wikipedia)

Reddit’s San Francisco headquarters better prepare itself to meet a few unwelcome trolls next month.

The Westboro Baptist Church, the revolting group responsible for protesting soldiers’ funerals and the slogan “God Hates Fags,” plans to protest Reddit HQ at 5:35 p.m. on August 12, the Daily Dot reports.

The protest, as per this press release that might have been created on Microsoft Paint, is meant to criticize Aaron Swartz, the late Reddit cofounder and famed Internet activist who was arrested for downloading large numbers of articles from JSTOR. Mr. Swartz committed suicide in January 2013 before his trial.

The release says:

“Reddit was co-founded by prominent member of Anonymous and cyber criminal Aaron Swartz. Swartz was a poster boy for this online community: a fag, an atheist and a thief. Last year, he killed himself when he was finally caught and charges filed against him for his crimes.”

But there’s more! Aside from picketing Reddit’s offices, the WBC will also be hosting a Reddit AMA at 2 p.m. on August 10. It seems pretty hypocritical that they’re using the very company they’re picketing to share their message with the world, but then again, it’s not like the WBC has ever done anything that made sense in the past.

Mr. Swartz. (Wikipedia)
Mr. Swartz. (Wikipedia)

“Westboro Baptist Church will use the Reddit platform, which is usually filled with vanity, science falsely so-called, and other
sundry lies; to instead preach righteousness & spread the gospel,” the press release says. They might not ever change their evil ways, but can someone at least teach these people the correct way to use a semi-colon?

Anyway, this isn’t the first time the WBC has caused a ruckus over Mr. Swartz. Two of its members showed up in Times Square to protest a memorial to Mr. Swartz shortly after the activist killed himself. The WBC monsters members were rightfully met with hordes of counter-protesters yelling “suck my dick.”

On the same day as their Reddit protest, the WBC will also reportedly picket the headquarters of other tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter for “pushing fag propaganda” n’ stuff.

Humorously, they’ll also be picketing at Pinterest. It’s our sincerest hope that someone throws a poorly bedazzled mason jar at them. Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Reddit HQ, Host Reddit AMA to Talk About It