Woman Sues Facebook After Friend Uploads Nudes With Her Face Pasted On

She's seeking $123 million in damages.

SextingPunishmentOhMotherBlogWe’ve all heard of revenge porn — but what do you call it when the nudes somebody posts to Facebook without your consent aren’t even photos of you?

Meryem Ali of Houston is suing Facebook after her former friend allegedly created an account in her name and posted photos of other people’s naked bodies with Ms. Ali’s face attached via Photoshop, ArsTechnica reports.

She’s reportedly seeking an ambitious $123 million — 10 cents for each of Facebook’s 1.23 billion users, even though there’s no way all those people saw the fake pics.

We understand Ms. Ali’s point. Facebook can now instantaneously recognize users’ faces and suggest tags when photos are uploaded. Why can’t the social network recognize full-on nudity in photos and prevent them from being uploaded? The report button works, but in the case of Ms. Ali, the damage was probably done before the photos were taken down.

This case will almost definitely settle out of court, because there’s no way Facebook’s going through a lengthy courtroom battle over a spiteful person with a Photoshop account and too much time on their hands. Still, if what Ms. Ali says is right, it doesn’t look good that Facebook sometimes removes photos of women breastfeeding or documentation of the birth process, but allows doctored porn to go up without a problem.

(UPDATE: This story was corrected to add a decimal to 1.23 billion.) Woman Sues Facebook After Friend Uploads Nudes With Her Face Pasted On