CD2: NAPO backs LoBo

U.S. Congressman Frank LoBiondo (R-2) today received the endorsement of the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) for his reelection. 

“I am truly honored to receive the support of the true heroes in our communities across South Jersey, the state and the nation – those who choose to wear the uniform to serve and protect,” said LoBiondo. “In Congress, I’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our law enforcement personnel have the resources and support they need, from life-saving bulletproof vests to funding for COPS grants. I will continue to be a partner with NAPO and the men and women they represent.”

LoBiondo is running for re-election against Democrat Bill Hughes, Jr.

“NAPO is a coalition of police unions and associations from across the United States that serves to advance the interests of America’s law enforcement through legislative and legal advocacy, political action, and education,” wrote William Johnson, Executive Director of the National Association of Police Organizations, in his letter to LoBiondo. “NAPO is pleased to support your reelection and is confident of your strong support of America’s law enforcement community.”

In his May 2014 endorsement of LoBiondo, New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police President Ed Brannigan said, “We have stood with Congressman LoBiondo in past elections and vow to stand behind in his upcoming campaign. Congressman LoBiondo has been a supporter of law enforcement issues for many years and has proven to be one of FOP’s best advocates in Washington, DC.”

The National Association of Police Organizations represents 241,000 rank-and-file law enforcement officers from across the country. The New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police represents more than 16,000 law enforcement officers throughout the State and nationally represents over 340,000 police officers, the largest police organization in the country.

CD2: NAPO backs LoBo