Chinese Billionaire Who Upset NYC’s Homeless Allegedly Faked Ice Bucket Challenge

Chen Guangbiao, the Chinese billionaire who has cited motivations of “harmonizing relations between China and the United States” and “restoring the image of China’s wealthy”—as told to the New York Post—for his awkward and potentially misguided philanthropic effort to feed New York’s homeless back in June, is now receiving allegations of “faking” the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Mr. Guangbiao remains stoically unflinching throughout the video. Claiming to have sat in the bin of “ice” water for 30 minutes, the billionaire–who apparently complemented the challenge with a hearty donation for medical research–emerges grinning, thumbs up, from the rear of a truck, before stepping over buckets of assumedly cold water and bags of ice. He then jumps down and shakes his arms, unable to verbalize his excitement.

Although there are plenty of critics calling out the peculiar billionaire, with various explanations similar to “the ice shouldn’t just float there” or “impossible,” the YouTube comments seem two-pronged. Some argue forgery and mere attention seeking while others respond along the lines of, “I don’t see u [sic] donating … so STFU who cares.”

According to the Post, Mr. Guangbiao believes his “martial arts training” is the key to his ability to hold out in the cold.

But the ice challenge doesn’t end there for Mr. Guangbiao. Quickly wrapped in a coat, he proceeds to lie down on a slab of ice while a further chunk is laid atop his legs and stomach. Another man, appearing to practice the aim of his strikes, wields a sledgehammer above Guangbiao, breaking the ice over his groin. By the end of the video, following a nearly two-minute monologue from Mr. Guangbiao as he sits—in black socks and sandal slides, calves bare—on a block of ice, it no longer matters whether the whole thing is “fake” or “genuine.” We’re all confused by this point.

Chinese Billionaire Who Upset NYC’s Homeless Allegedly Faked Ice Bucket Challenge