Emmys Observed: tvDownload Discusses Outstanding Guest Actor Noms

Nominees: Paul Giammati for Downton Abbey

Reg E. Cathey for House of Cards

Robert Morse for Mad Men

Beau Bridges for Masters of Sex 

Joe Morton for Scandal

Dylan Baker for The Good Wife

Vinnie: First off, Pedro Pascal was not nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series, and that is a crime against humanity. Look at that charming, graceful bastard and tell me he didn’t deserve at least a nod. Who takes it from him? Freddy the BBQ guy from House of Cards? Paul Giamatti in Downton Abbey? The guy with the bow tie from Mad Men (I don’t watch Mad Men). This was my reaction when the nominees came out July 10, basically.


Drew: So first of all, I object to this whole category. As Deadline pointed out in 2011, the definition of “guest star” is so vague that a lot of times studios will try to sneak in a supporting actor that probably wouldn’t win in that category as a “guest actor.” All they need to do is be listed as “guest starring” in one episode and they can get nominated for that category. Of course, we think of “guest actors” as people who don’t appear before the credits and/or have significantly less screen time than a supporting actor and/or get killed off over the course of one season. So yes, Pascal would have been great. Or Geoffrey Wright on Boardwalk (even though Dr. Narcissus is still alive.) Wait, do guest-actors count in mini-series, now that EVERYTHING is a mini-series? Because I would nominate Evan Peters, who only appeared in a couple of episodes of AHS: Coven this year but is a complete star and if you are reading this, Evan, I have a picture of you as Tate above my bed. It’s based on this.


Actually this year, the noms are less bullshit: according to “sources” (aka Sarah Devlin, who watches more TV than any of us, and Kara Smoke, our Downton expert) Paul Giamatti, Beau Bridges, Reg E. Cathey and Dylan Baker all fit the criteria of “around, but not always around, you know?” Robert Morse aka Bert Cooper is hard to imagine as a “guest” on Mad Men, since he’s been on the show since Day 1. Joe Morton was on like, every episode of Scandal this season and his role is continuing, since Olivia Pope’s dad/B613’s former (current?) chief is not going anywhere anytime soon. What about Glenn Fleshler from True Detective? I mean, his accent range alone…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBnwnXPsOCI]


Vinnie: Can I throw another card onto the bullshit table? What confuses me the most about this whole muddy Guest Actor/Actress category is that Kate Mara is nominated for Outstanding Guest Actress as well for House of Cards. Please, someone correct me if I’m wrong, because I’m only about 62% caught up on House of Cards, but didn’t she get a face full of train in the first episode? Like, was it a really moving portrait of someone getting hit by a train? Was it Emmy worthy? WHAT IS AN EMMY WORTHY GUEST APPEARANCE?

I guess what I’m saying is (to get back to what I think we were originally talking about), Pedro Pascal can AT LEAST be a Guest Actor if Kate Mara is one too, because she only appeared in one episode, and Pedro appeared in seven episodes as well as many confusing dreams I’ve had.

HOWEVER, if I must elect a candidate for this category, I suppose I’ll go with Dylan Baker, if for no other reason than this.


Drew: Wait, re: Kate Mara, that’s the time it SHOULD count as Guest Actress, because it recognizes her larger role in the arc of the show, as well as her limited appearances this season.

Though personally, I’m rooting for the train.

Wait, now I’m realizing that Zoe Barnes is basically the same character Mara played on the first season of AHS, except she was dead most of the time on that show.


But, back on track (CHOO CHOO!), the guy who plays Freddie, while a very good actor, shouldn’t get it. I hated the way his storyline played out–it was the definition of ‘white people trying to write about black people.’ It’s unfortunate, because the rest of House of Cards is totally on point–the Claire/abortion storyline this season was particularly well-done–but Freddy never seemed like much more than Frank’s magical black barbecuer friend.

Vinnie: Fair enough, and I’ll even join #TeamTrainForEmmy2014

But as for my actual pick not based on machine-gun-related fear, I’m going to go back on what I said literally 4 posts ago and pick Robert Morse. I know, I know I said I don’t watch Mad Men, but seeing as how my job is to write about television I’ve seen a lot of Mad Men, and Morse was always fantastic. And, unlike a lot of people, I loved his song and dance send-off because I am a huge fan of otherwise quiet or dead serious shows doing off the wall shit like that.

And, if anything, it’s a fantastic preview of his acceptance speech.

Emmys Observed: tvDownload Discusses Outstanding Guest Actor Noms