‘Extant’ Recap 1×9 and 1×10: ‘A Pack of Cards’

Last night’s double episode of Extant was two long hours of kidnapping babies and creepy hallucinations that left me tired, confused and no closer to figuring out why Halle Berry decided to do this show.

What I do know is that Extant’s writers are reeeeeaaally into hallucinations. First we see Alan Sparks, who has recently  experienced several hallucinations of his daughter Katie. But because this is Extant, it’s not a normal hallucination. Despite the fact that she was an adult when she died on an ISEA mission to space, Sparks sees her as a little girl, complete with blonde ringlets and a floral sundress. Creepier than seeing Not-There-Baby-Katie, is the fact that he also talks to her. She tells him that in order for him to keep interacting with her, he has to steal the baby that the ISEA planted in Molly and is now keeping alive in that weird incubator. Which of course he did, because when Not-There-Baby-Katie speaks, Alan Sparks listens. He promptly stole the half-human baby and the three of them went CAMPING.

While Sparks is sitting in a tent with a hallucination of his dead daughter and a half human infant, he gets the brilliant idea to call his ex-wife. He tells her that she has to come “see something” (subtext: “You just gotta see Not-There-Baby-Katie!”) Believe it or not, she is also able see her daughter — who is NOT really there!!– and agrees to help Sparks in order to be with Katie.

Not real, hallucination, also not a baby but an adult *head explodes*

Meanwhile, Molly’s baby — who we don’t actually see–drinks a bunch of soda and then wanders out of the tent (indicated by the creepy eyes peering through the bushes.) This is not normal behavior for a baby. Ester — an elderly woman who owns Wimberly campground— mistakes the baby for a coyote and calls the police. She then makes her way outside to check on Allan only to encounter (what else?) a hallucination of her dead husband. He tells her she’s pretty and she exclaims “Is this Heaven?!” *palm to forehead*

The Heaven remark actually served as foreshadowing because Sparks then shot her with the gun she was carrying. Jeez. Unfazed, he hides her body in a ditch and gets back to his daddy/not-there-daughter camping trip. The next morning an officer comes by in response to Ester’s call. Sparks, reasonable as ever, hits him in the back of the head with a shovel. He doesn’t get to kill him though because Not-There-Baby-Katie appears and informs him that the robot-baby is hungry.

So while Sparks is kickin’ it in the woods, Odin and Julie baby sit Ethan (who, if you remember from last week’s episode, has recently become recalcitrant and even more creepy.) We also found out last week that our beautiful Odin is actually a big jerk and out to get Ethan, Julie and anyone else he can blame for the fact that he lost is arm in the war. He’s hardcore Anti-Robot and will stop at nothing to destroy humanics. His attack strategy is to make Julie fall in love him- Hi, have you seen him? Not hard to do— and get Ethan to favor him over his parents. Odin shows Ethan his robotic limb and lists being able to not burn your hand with a lighter as one of the “perks” of having a fake arm. Ethan gives Odin one of his saucer-eyed stares to indicate his fascination with fire. Great, that’s all the little bird killer needs.

Ah, I could totally kill birds with that.

Odin is pleased with this response and asks Ethan if he wants to try touching the flame. The little creep declines because John told him it could mess up his sensory functions. Odin, paraphrasing history’s greatest scholar, tells him that parents don’t know everything. The kid’s eyes fill up with defiance and he promptly puts his hand in the flame. After that, Ethan is #TeamOdin all the way, even trusting him enough to let him flip his battery. Julie was furious when she found out that he gave Ethan a flip but Odin resolved the issue by seducing her.

Totes flipped her battery if you get what I’m sayin’

Personally, I blame Molly, because none of this would have happened if she was around to watch her robot son. She wasn’t, though, because she’s busy trying to find her baby. She thinks the baby is telepathically begging her to find him (as most people would). As a result, Molly spent the entire two hours running from location to location, panting and dramatically saying made-for-TV dialogue such as “Where. is. my. baby?!”

“I’m serious, you guys.”

Yasomoto reaches out to her and tells her he would help find the baby. She wasn’t on board, as she hasn’t been feeling particularly trusting ever since he planted an alien baby in her and then stole it back without permission. He persuades her by introducing Dr. Mason who, of course, is bad news. He seems cool at first but again, this is Extant, so he ends up hand-cuffing her and some possessed repair man comes out of no where and hits her over the head, knocking her out. She’s taken to Wimberly but remains in a pretty out-of-it daze for a while.When they get there, Molly comes to and she runs into Kryger, who has also been trying in vain to find the baby for the entire two hours.They see Sparks with the baby and then there are a lot of gun shots. Not-There-Baby-Katie stops Sparks from shooting Molly because for some reason she is the baby’s oracle and warns that the baby needs his mother.

Unfortunately, she did not have anything to say about Kryger so Allan shoots him in the stomach, which is probably fatal because his character is basically irrelevant. Womp womp.

Three more episodes to go until the season finale and I think it’s safe to say they will involve more baby-napping and more visions of dead people…

‘Extant’ Recap 1×9 and 1×10: ‘A Pack of Cards’