Famous New Yorkers Pay Tribute to Robin Williams

On Monday, the prodigiously talented Robin Williams was found dead in his California home in a suspected suicide.

The sixty-three year old actor, who is best known for his roles in Mrs Doubtfire and Good Will Hunting, will be remembered for his infectious energy, his versatility and his staggering ability to portray both humour and darkness in equal measure.

As tributes for Williams pour in from around the globe,¬†influential New Yorkers have taken¬†to twitter to pay their respects to one of the world’s most laudable and respected talents.


Louis C.K. Comedian, Screenwriter, Actor, Producer


Kevin Spacey, Actor


Steve Martin, Comedian and Actor


Lena Dunham, Actress


Ben Stiller, Actor


Samuel L. Jackson, Actor


Neil Patrick Harris, Actor


Sarah Jessica Parker, Actress


Chris Meloni, Actor


Hank Azaria, Actor


Sarah Silverman, Comedian


Sarah Michelle Gellar. Actress





Famous New Yorkers Pay Tribute to Robin Williams