Google Glass Driving Ban Is 'Practically Unenforceable,' Professor Argues

Remember Google Glass?

Just because.. (Photo: Tumblr)
Just because. (Photo: Tumblr)

Lots of states — including New York — are trying to ban drivers from using Google Glass while driving. But according to the Wall Street Journal, the laws have yet to be approved since there’s a lot of confusion on how to enforce them. And even if they do get passed, a law professor says they would be “practically unenforceable.”  

Adam Gershowitz laid out his problems with the laws in a research paper. He said the rules aren’t clear or concise enough since they only ban people from using “head-mounted” electronic devices:

‘A driver could simply say that he was only wearing Google Glass (perhaps because it contains his prescription lenses) and that he was not ‘using’ the device at all,’ Mr. Gershowitz writes. ‘Indeed, a police officer who was observing traffic would have no way to know whether a passing driver was ‘using’ as opposed to simply ‘wearing’ Google Glass.’

Mr. Gershowitz has a solution that somehow the states haven’t thought of! He proposes an “all-encompassing two-part bill that would ban a person from operating a vehicle ‘while wearing a wireless electronic communication device’ or ‘while using a wireless electronic communication device.'”


Google Glass Driving Ban Is 'Practically Unenforceable,' Professor Argues