Google Street View Allegedly Captures Drug Deal in Action

Just another day in Camden.

Busted? (Photo: Imgur/Reddit)

Busted? (Photo: Imgur/Reddit)

Attention Cory Booker, you’re going to want to see this. Redditors are alleging that Google Street View’s snooping camera caught two people entangled in a drug deal on the streets of Camden, New Jersey.

Reddit user wowurdumb (obviously) posted on r/funny three days ago a picture of two guys acting very suspicious. “So I’ve been clean for a while and I decided to look at the old dope spot on Google Maps,” he confessed. “Was not disappointed or surprised.” The picture is a curious one because it shows two men exchanging something (drugs? money? a gift card to Applebee’s?).

Another user named crispNtasty22 chimed in, writing “I’m not … surprised that the old dope spot is in Camden.” It appears that mostly everyone on the thread thinks something illegal is happening since it’s not the most desirable city.

“Basically, the best thing about Camden seems to be the view across the river,” another remarked. And the dope! Allegedly. Google Street View Allegedly Captures Drug Deal in Action