Here Are 10 of the Best Drone Videos for the Martha Stewart in You

If they're good for anything, it's aerial videography.

That sunset, bro. (Vimeo)

That sunset, bro. (Vimeo)

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding drones lately. Some folks — we’re looking at you, Martha Stewart — really love them, and one was even used to locate a missing 82-year-old man. But in using them, others are violating laws and fly zone regulations left and right. One jerk even disrupted fire fighting efforts when he flew his over a California wildfire this past Monday.

But despite all the drone drama, you can’t deny they’re capturing pretty awesome film. Some drones are showing off stunning aerials, and others are filming events from angles we’ve never seen before. For your viewing pleasure, Betebeat sorted through tons of mediocre drone videos in search of the best on the Internet. Here they are:


1. Surfers Ride Waves at the Banzai Pipeline

Killer waves, a beautiful sunset and a legion of surfers make this video a must-see.


2. Just Dronin’ Around Niagara Falls

If you’ve been to this natural beauty, it’s obvious that you’ve seen some cool sights. But did you get the bird’s-eye view?


3.  Eruption of the Yasur Volcano 

Undoubtedly the closest you’ll ever get to being inside a volcanic eruption.


4. Burning Man 2013

This aerial video of last year’s Burning Man sums up the experience better than any blog post out there. The scope of the footage attests to just how isolated and massive this unique festival is.


5. Dronin’ Over Tyrol, Austria

A massive number of still frames from this video need to be uploaded to r/earthporn. It only has 70 views, but the drone pilot deserves more for the breathtaking landscapes he’s delivering.


6. Dolphin Stampede off Dana Point and Humpback Whales Near Maui

The first view allows you to see more dolphins at once than you could ever see from the water’s surface. The shots of the whales seem too perfect to be real.


7. Drone Flying Through Fireworks

This one went viral around July 4th. While its filming was completely illegal, this video is definitely worth a second watch.


8. High Altitude Drone Aerials of Mount Everest and the Himalayas

Here’s a few more shots for r/earthporn. The views are so breathtaking that we don’t even mind the narration.


9. Just Dronin’ Over Miami Beach

Excuse the drone noises and unsightly beginning — but once this one gets going, it delivers some picturesque views of  the Miami coastline.


10. Drone View of the HOLLYWOOD Sign

Even better than in the movies.



Here’s one of NYC. It only makes the list because of how close it gets to the Statue of Liberty, but we’ve seen better aerials of this city on every post card ever made.


Here Are 10 of the Best Drone Videos for the Martha Stewart in You