Hillary Clinton Signs Two-year Lease for Midtown Office

Should New Yorkers get #ReadyforHillary?

While former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton still hems and haws about whether or not she will run in the 2016 presidential election, perhaps her checkbook has already spoken for her.

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Come on, Hillary, ‘fess up. (Getty)

On Tuesday, Hollywood Life reported that Clinton had signed a two-year lease for an office space in Midtown that boasts 19 offices, 14 work stations, a conference room and a view of Times Square.

In two years, of course, it’ll be 2016, and the rumored West 45th Street digs sound like the perfect spot to set up base camp.

However, Clinton’s spokesperson Nick Merril crushed our hopes a little when he told MSNBC that the space will be used as her new personal office—not her campaign headquarters.

Still, it’s not too optimistic to expect Clinton could turn the office into the site of her presidential campaign. Given her small personal staff, the spacious location leaves room for expansion, MSNBC speculated.

In the meantime, it’s back to chipping away at that glass ceiling.

Hillary Clinton Signs Two-year Lease for Midtown Office