Meet HomeSlice, An App That Will Make Living With a Roommate Easier

This should help you cut down on your reliance on leaving passive-aggressive notes.

Awww, happy roommates on day one. They have no idea what they're in for. (Photo via Tulane University)

Awww, happy roommates on day one. They have no idea what they’re in for. (Photo via Tulane University)

The time is coming when millions of college kids are about to take on new roommates, and if it’s their first time, they’ve got some mean surprises in store. They’re going to eat all of the food without asking, leave the bathroom a disgusting mess, and have sex loudly no matter if their roommate is home or not.

Luckily, now there’s an app that helps co-living virgins deal with all of the awkwardness involved with rooming with someone who was, let’s say “brought up differently.” HomeSlice is a command center for new roommates that helps manage their new living situation so they don’t have to resort to awkward, post-meltdown conversations.

“Running a home can be difficult a young age, especially if you’ve always had a home managed for you,” HomeSlice founder Shea Brucker told Betabeat.

The app allows you to assign household tasks and see who’s carrying their weight, with a separate sections for supplies, chores and the bills. After all, if you want phone-addicted kids to coordinate a homemaking operation, you might as well give us an app.

“At every dorm, there are always that group of roommates that just work out really well because everyone’s really tight-knit,” Mr. Brucker said. “We want that to bring that to any group of roommates.”

But this app isn’t just for college kids: if there’s anything we know about millennials in general, it’s that we can’t really afford to live on our own. HomeSlice works for anyone who has to split their rent with someone they’re not close with.

(Image via Homeslice)

(Image via Homeslice)

The app is still in the early stages of development, and Mr. Brucker eventually wants to add in what will likely be the crowd-favorite feature: a gamified system of milestones and rewards that proves which roommate is the best, and which is clearly the dead weight.

Mr. Brucker also wants to incorporate payments into HomeSlice so you take care of bills straight through the app, or use it to order a pallet of Nutella from Costco for that one roommate who keeps on finishing your jar before you even touch it, every goddamn time. Handling transactions would also allow Mr. Brucker to keep the app alive ad-free.

Unfortunately, another feature that’s sadly absent is some sort of alert or push notification that lets your roommate know that they’re derelict in their duties. For now, you’re going to have to resort to passive-aggressive notes left on the door of your roomie’s mini-fridge.

Meet HomeSlice, An App That Will Make Living With a Roommate Easier