Morning Links: Return of the Musée Picasso Edition

Picasso. (Courtesy the Musée Picasso)
Picasso. (Courtesy the Musée Picasso)

Missing Baroque painting in Modena, Italy! [The Telegraph]

The Reina Sofia museum in Madrid is getting spruced up, and the renovations will also add 3000 square feet. Picasso’s masterpiece Guernica is housed at the Reina Sofia. Remember when Tony Shafrazi ran into the MoMA, burst past security guards, and then wrote “KILL LIES ALL” over the vast canvas of Guernica with spray paint? [The Art Newspaper]

Nick Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers, is Peter Tunney’s new muse. [Page Six]

Reviews! Here’s Roberta Smith on William Glackens at the Parrish Art Museum. [NYT]

Holland Cotter goes even farther than the Hamptons—he goes to Boston, to see “Jim Hodges: Give Me More Than You Take” at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston. “What, exactly, are we seeing?” Mr. Cotter writes. “Nuclear clouds or Constable clouds? End times or a universe coming, Romantically, into being? Much of Mr. Hodges’s art walks an anxious line between fatalism and uplift.” [NYT]

And then Ken Johnson goes to “The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec: Prints and Posters” at MoMA, thinks it’s lovely, reminds us of Toulouse-Lautrec’s birth defects as a result of his parents being first cousins. [NYT]

We enter the weekend knowing there will be a Picasso Museum in Paris again: the Musée Picasso, that troubled institution, will reopen—after a very public firing of its president and a super pricey renovation—later this October. [WSJ] Morning Links: Return of the Musée Picasso Edition