New 'StartUp' Board Game Will Turn Your Kid Into the Next Mark Zuckerberg

Or at least Randi.

Back in my day we just played Candyland. (
Man, we hope we never land on “Customer Service.” (

For any parent who’s dreamed of their precious little Kale, Khaleesi or Katniss growing up to become a startup billionaire one day, this new board game’s for you.

In StartUp, released July 31, players compete to take their burgeoning companies from launch date to the opening of a corporate headquarters, a press release said.

We’re not sure game play sounds quite as fun as Candyland, but at least it’s educational. As per the release:

“Along the way to success there are Business Opportunities, Capital Opportunities, and IPO Opportunities. Each company must build Expertise to increase its chances for success and value in an Initial Public Offering. Navigating lawsuits, price wars, and shock cards is all part of the challenge.”

So it's basically a 2014 version of Monopoly? (
So it’s basically a 2014 version of Monopoly? (

The game was founded, adorably, by two grade school kids and their parents when the family was cooped up during Hurricane Sandy. Designing a board game was something they’d always wanted to do.

“Unlike other business board games, StartUp is a lot of fun, even when you are not winning,” Aiden Ehrenreich, who was nine when he co-created StartUp, said. “You lose by succeeding more slowly, not by getting crushed.”

Dad Michael Ehrenreich, a former investment banker, claims the game is challenging for players of all ages.

“StartUp is challenging for any age from child to adult,” he said. “Although there is some luck involved, the better player will usually win, kind of like real life.”

The game, which costs $39.99, also comes with a companion app available for iPhone and Android. Have fun creating the next child genius. New 'StartUp' Board Game Will Turn Your Kid Into the Next Mark Zuckerberg