On the Market: Swiss LLC Takes Advantage of Generous Tax Breaks at One57

Tax breaks for all the LLCs!

Tax breaks for all the LLCs!

Subway work: The Wall Street Journal fills us in on one of the projects that’s causing all those weekend train headaches–the replacement of rails that have been bolted together with rails that are welded together, a long ongoing project, but one that is considered more important since the recent F train derailment, which was due to a broken rail.

Surprise! Some people live with roommates by choice because they don’t like living alone, The New York Times reports, which would seem to be a natural consequence of not all un-marrieds preferring the loner lifestyle. “Even if they have the money, it’s nice to come home to ‘Hi, how are you?’ And if you see someone else’s coffee cup in the sink you don’t feel so lonely,” says one broker.

A Crown Heights developer who paid $10 for a lot with a community garden on it last November is now unwilling to sell it back to the community for anything less than $1 million, the Post reports. Community members, who were earlier unable to track down the owner eventually reached by current owner TYC Realty, offered $15,000 and were told they’d need to pony up $500,000, which later doubled.

In other outrages, The Times reports that a $32.57 million apartment at One57 purchased by who else, a Swiss LLC named One57 63A, will pay monthly carrying costs of a mere $7,662 because of the building’s tax abatement.

The Spot Experience, a high-end doggie daycare center known for its calming “no bark” policies, is expanding, adding a spot at Silverstein Partners’ new Silver Towers on West 42nd Street, according to Crain’s. The 9,000 square foot facility is one of four coming to luxury buildings in the next  few months and the company has signed contracts for four more as well.

The Sultan of Brunei’s continued pursuit of the Plaza Hotel, which he has allegedly offered to pay some $2 billion to take over from the Sahara Group, whose embattled CEO is currently in prison, has caused considerable concern in the U.S., The Wall Street Journal  reports. Brunei’s brutal treatment of homosexuals and adulterers has sparked protests and boycotts of other hotel properties that the country owns in the U.S., including the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Times pays a visit to the swimming clubs of Throgs Neck in the Bronx, where despite a still somewhat gritty bay–though much less gritty than in years past–swimmers held their annual competition once again. “During that 500-yard race, the swimmers raced through boat wakes rolling in, along with a tan, frothy sea scum mixed with some discarded food wrappers. One swimmer, Steven Wallace, 25, looked at the stuff surrounding him and said, ‘I should get out, huh?’”

Oh, Bushwick: A new boob-themed bar called–what else?–Boobie Trap has opened at 308 Bleecker Street, DNAInfo reports. The owner has lots of boob art, canned beer and specializes in barbecue, both meaty and vegan. “It reminds me of a Quentin Tarantino film,” says the proprietress.

We’re not sure if the fact that’s better or worse than the fact that the second Starbucks to open in Williamsburg will serve beer and wine, according to Gothamist. On the Market: Swiss LLC Takes Advantage of Generous Tax Breaks at One57