Polling Memo shows public green light for red light cameras

A polling memo prepared by a company with ties to Gov. Chris Christie shows public support for red light cameras.

According to a poll conducted by National Research Inc. on August 26, a solid majority of New Jersey voters – 58% – support the use of red light safety cameras at New Jersey’s busiest
intersections. Just under 4-in-10 (37%) oppose the use of the cameras.

Christie said publicly yesterday that he hadn’t decided whether he supports renewing the controversial red light cameras, but said he is leaning against it.

The National Research Inc. polling memo shares the following information from the poll:

• Men are split 49-47 while women are more likely to support the cameras 66-28.
• All age groups support the cameras, particularly seniors, 60-39.
• Democrats support the cameras 62-33, followed by unaffiliated voters 58-37.
Republicans support the cameras by a margin of 50-45.
Support jumps to 62% when voters are informed that lawmakers in Trenton are
considering apportioning a portion of the money collected from fines to be used to help
fund the Transportation Trust Fund. Upon learning this, only 33% oppose.
• Support among men rises to 52-45, while it jumps among women to 72-22.
• Among seniors, support increases to 65-29.
• Democratic support climbs to 74-21, while unaffiliated voters now support the cameras
54-41 and Republicans now support it 56-40.
As it relates to the question of the possible use of cameras to monitor speed in school zones,
a staggering 81% of New Jersey voters such a measure. Opposition falls to 16%.
• Men support the cameras in school zones 71-26 while women support it 91-7.
• Among seniors, support is 85-12.
• Democrats support this 90-9, unaffiliated voters support it 82-16, and Republicans
support it 66-30.

Polling Memo shows public green light for red light cameras