Media Mix: Squeegee Men Are Back, But They Won’t Spring for The Daily News

New York Post Cover Squeegee Men
This squeegee man is forced to use AMNY because he doesn’t want to pay for The Daily News, according to the Post.

Squeegee men are back and terrorizing the city, The New York Post exclusively reports, while somehow managing to get in a dig at the News‘ new newsstand price: “While the Daily News is best suited as a squeegee, at $1.25, it’s too expensive!” (New York Post)

The New York Times will now use the word “torture” to describe instances of torture. (The New York Times)

If James Patterson were Jeff Bezos, he would be a totally different kind of Jeff Bezos, the kind who understood the importance and value of books. (CNN)

A full page open-letter to Amazon from authors about the ongoing Amazon/Hachetter negotiations will run in The New York Times this Sunday. The ad, which has so far gotten 909 signatures, cost $104,000 and “was paid for by a handful of the more successful writers” who signed on. (The New York Times)

Former Betabeat editor and master of the hair selfie Jessica Roy is leaving Time for New York mag’s Daily Intel, where she will be a senior writer. (Capital New York)

Bill O’Reilly said that “fair and balanced” Fox News has 19 left-leaning paid contributors, which is a little awkward as it brings attention to the 156 paid contributors who lean to the right. Mediate has since corrected its initial post to note that the total number of contributors include “all anchors, hosts, and experts on the network, many of whom do not express their political views in a way that paid contributors and opinion commentators would. As such, the percentage of conservatives on the network would obviously be significantly lower than 89% of on-air staff.” (Mediate)

How did Vice News get such Vice-style access to the Islamic State? (The Huffington Post) Media Mix: Squeegee Men Are Back, But They Won’t Spring for The Daily News