Study: U.S. Teens Prefer YouTube Stars Over Hollywood Celebs

Social media stars are stealing the spotlight.

Next on E! (Screengrab: YouTube)
Next on E! (Screengrab: YouTube)

With Vine stars creating SNL 2.0 and YouTube sensations like Shoenice chugging deadly amounts of liquor to entertain viewers, it’s no surprise that Internet-based stars are the celebrities being fawned over by today’s teens.

YouTube stars rose above mainstream celebrities in the results of a survey that ranked well-known personalities by their overall influence, according to Variety.

The survey, conducted by celebrity brand strategist Jeetendr Sehdev, quizzed 1,500 U.S. teens on factors like the approachability and authenticity of  ten Hollywood stars and ten online stars. The resulting scores were then translated to a 100-point scale used to rank the personalities. YouTube stars (bolded) took every spot in the top five, and six of the spots in the top ten, while most mainstream celebrities lingered in the bottom half. Here are the scores and rankings:

  1. Smoosh – 93
  2. The Fine Bros – 92
  3. PewDiePie – 92
  4. KSI – 84
  5. Ryan Higa – 81
  6. Paul Walker – 75
  7. Jennifer Lawrence – 74
  8. Shane Dawson – 72
  9. Katy Perry – 70
  10. Steve Carell – 69
  11. Seth Rogan – 68
  12. Betty White – 66
  13. Vin Diesel – 65
  14. Johnny Depp – 63
  15. Daniel Radcliffe – 62
  16. Jenna Marbles – 59
  17. Michelle Phan – 39
  18. Ray William Johnson – 27
  19. Bethany Mota – 18
  20. Leonardo DiCaprio – 8

The survey also found YouTube stars to have more influence on purchases among teens. Survey feedback indicates that this is due to the intimate and authentic experiences created in the absence of  marketing strategies and PR  specialists.

Overall, the survey found that teens find YouTube stars more engaging, extraordinary and relateable. To be fair, the Hollywood celebs in the study weren’t good choices if “relatability” was to be one of the main factors. We’re almost sure that Selena Gomez and Liam Payne may have fared better than Betty White and Vin Disel.

Nevertheless, the scores do represent a clear trend, and as long as looking good in flannel can get you 130,000 followers, it probably won’t be changing.

Study: U.S. Teens Prefer YouTube Stars Over Hollywood Celebs