Tennis Hacker’s Perfect Accessory

Sunglasses are so last year

Courtesy Monreal London


Sportier than sunglasses, this fashion-forward sun visor, the leather and PVC Ocean Drive by Monreal London, can actually be worn for playing tennis. However, German-born designer Stefani Grosse understands that much of the fun of a tennis tournament takes place courtside; this is the perfect match-viewing accessory.

Choose the color that is most “you” then sit back and wait for passers by to muse on a) if you are someone sportingly famous or b) if you know the score. You do of course. Even if the rules of tennis fox you—in, out, let’s find the bar and go out—every jet-setter knows that the No. 1 way to fudge it courtside is to always know the score. Then, when royals or rock stars look your way you can either initiate chat with “I’m so glad Joachin’s three points up, how about you?” Or provide the correct response to the inevitable question from glamorous  latecomers.

Ocean Drive Visor, $250 Tennis Hacker’s Perfect Accessory