These Temporary Tattoos Could Charge Your Next iPhone

The tattoo you didn't know you wanted.

Tattoos all over. (Screengrab: Youtube)
Never lose your charger again. (Screengrab: Youtube)

Need a charge? Look no further than your own skin.

Scientists developed a temporary tattoo equipped with a bio-battery that has the potential to charge your #tech in the future.

But wait, the bio-battery is sweat-powered, meaning you’ll have to put in some energy of your own if you want to give your devices some more juice. This is good for the runners, but if you opt for a lazy Reddit-filled afternoon, well, you’ll be near an outlet anyway.

The technology is still a work in progress, so don’t throw out your USB cord just yet.

“The current produced is not that high, but we are working on enhancing it so that eventually we could power some small electronic devices,” Dr Wenzhao Jia, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California San Diego, told Factor.

Currently, the tattoos are only creating about half the energy needed to power a watch, but the research is setting the stage for future wearable technology that could potentially power itself.

We’ll see where this goes..


  These Temporary Tattoos Could Charge Your Next iPhone