White House Hires Ex-Googler To Fix Hideous Government Websites

Mickey Dickerson fixed Healthcare.gov, why not pay him to fix everything else, too?

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(Photo via Stefan Fussan)

It doesn’t take a star UX designer to see that United States’ government and state websites are atrocious. No, it really only takes a quick visit to Florida’s official webpage to see that our national web presence is in serious need of an overhaul.

To that end, the White House announced yesterday that they’ve established the United States Digital Service to rehabilitate the government’s websites, the New York Times reports. The team lead is Mikey Dickerson, the man who was brought in to save Healthcare.gov after its complete release-date meltdown and subsequent troubles.

The name “United States Digital Service” evokes images of bespectacled white-hat hackers defending Americans from cybercrime and other futuristic threats, but really it’s just a consulting group housed in the White House who can help establish best practices for building clean websites.

When the Times asked Mr Dickerson whether or not the rest of the government’s IT infrastructure was as miserable as HealthCare.gov, he didn’t answer directly, leaving us to just think it instead.

“We’re […] trying to get in front of these things more in the future, to make the strike team less necessary in the future,” he said.

White House Hires Ex-Googler To Fix Hideous Government Websites