You Can Now Play The Words 'Selfie' and 'Bromance' In Scrabble

Is WTF playable yet?

The most depressing word. (Photo: Flickr)
The most depressing word. (Photo: Flickr)

Not even Scrabble is safe from your selfies. For the first time in the decade, the board (bored?) game is adding more than 5,000 new words to its dictionary including “selfie,” “bromance,” and even “chillax.”

You can blame the Internet for the change. “These are words that have become part of the culture, part of the language and part of the dictionary,” said Peter Sokolowski, an editor at Merriam-Webster to the New York Daily News. There are a bunch of foreign words being added, too. For example, “qigong,” that’s a Chinese exercise routine, and “qajag,” which is apparently the Inuit spelling for “kayak” if you want to look like the ultimate smartass.

However, if you’re normal person who finds the premise of spelling out words more than two letters difficult, the sounds words “za,” “te,” “da,” “gi,” and “po” can soon be used. And nobody is more excited about that than Robin Pollock Daniel. He’s on a committee that assists the Merriam-Webster team that finds new, playable words.

He told NBC 4 Los Angeles:

“‘Being able to hook an ‘e’ underneath ‘t’ means that I can play far more words,’ explained Daniel, who practices Scrabble two to four hours a day. ‘Sometimes you play parallel to a word and you’re making two-letter words along the way. I call those the amino acids of Scrabble. The more two-letter words we have, the more possibilities a word will fit.'”


The refreshed game will hit stores Aug. 11, so that should be plenty of time to add in “kk,” right? You Can Now Play The Words 'Selfie' and 'Bromance' In Scrabble