You Can Now Tour Elvis's House Via iPad with John Stamos as Your Guide

We'd do the same thing if we were living on Full House royalties.

Elvis Presley poses for an iPad picture while holding his iPhone. (Photo via Getty)

Elvis Presley poses for an iPad picture. (Photo via Getty)

If you’re planning a vacation to coincide with the hottest days of August, look no further: Graceland has iPad tours now. As a bonus, the tours are being narrated by sexy Elvis impersonator and erstwhile sexy uncle John Stamos.

Recode broke the news of the development. The site’s founder and leading tech journalist Kara Swisher apologizes at the bottom of the post for doing so: “Forgive me,” she writes, “but it’s Sunday and the tech news is very thin.”

It’s nice to see that such a fixture in our community is now subscribing to the average blogger’s method of mid-August tech journalism: Google “iPad” until something new/relatively scintillating comes up.

Either way, here are the deets. The iPads provide “photos” and “videos” of the place that you are touring. They also play noises, presumably the music of Elvis Presley. Hopefully, there will be some sort of iPad selfie function with an accompanying hashtag that no one will use.

Every guest on the tour will receive one, “creating a fully immersive experience within the Graceland mansion and grounds.”

What could be more immersive than being physically immersed in the mansion and grounds, as tourists have been for years? It’s tough to tell. Perhaps the iPads are equipped with time travel. Guess we’ll have to take the tour to find out. You Can Now Tour Elvis's House Via iPad with John Stamos as Your Guide