YouTube Is Coming After Spotify With a Clone Called 'Music Key'

Probably a good idea, considering it's what teens are using YouTube for anyway.

(Photo via Esther Vargas)

(Photo via Esther Vargas)

The Internet’s largest players are slowly figuring out that nobody wants to pay for music or movies, no matter how low the cost. So to figure out what’s next, they’re looking a the rising subscription giants like Netflix and Spotify and just, well, copying them.

YouTube is planning to launch a massive music subscription service called YouTube Music Key, Android Police reports. The service has no planned release date, but Google has already bought the domain, and a series of phone screenshots show off the service’s basic features.

Music Key seems incredibly similar to Spotify: for $9.99, you get unlimited ad-free music from a selection over “20 million high-quality tracks,” the ability to store some music offline and some playlist options.

At first, it might seem odd that a free video-exclusive platform would start a paid subscription service for music. But for teenagers, YouTube is already a destination for music — a recent Nielsen report said that 64 percent of teens use YouTube as their primary source of music.

YouTube has its work cut out for it, as it’ll be competing with some seriously capable incumbents. In only a few years, Spotify has risen to be the biggest player in music streaming, with the latest valuations floating around $4 billion.

While YouTube may have that Google money and ten years of experience in media, but just because you’ve got deep pockets doesn’t mean you can unseat the best players in the game. Besides, it’s just a matter of time before Apple joins in the fight, too. YouTube Is Coming After Spotify With a Clone Called 'Music Key'