BurlCo: Andl not preoccupied by GOP swap-out of Howarth

As it tries to hold onto the majority at the county level, the Burlington GOP intends to swap out incumbent Freeholder Joe Howarth for former Freeholder Mary Ann O’Brien tonight. 

On offense with two freeholder candidates, Burlington Democratic Committee Chairman Joe Andl said it doesn’t matter whether his candidates face Howarth or O’Brien.

“We beat Mary Ann O’Brien before,” he said.

One win this November puts the five-member Freeholder Board in Democrats’ hands.

“We’re trying to win control,” the chairman told PolitickerNJ.

Republicans point to top-of-the-ticket pull by President Barack Obama as a factor in O’Brien’s ouster, but Andl said he’s confident of the presence this year on the BurlCo ticket of incumbent U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ).

Both Andl and Layton agree on the import this season of Mount Laurel, where the GOP looks to defend two incumbent seats.

Andl is offering the candidacies of challengers Dan Rosenberg and Carol Murphy.

“Everything is good at the moment and very competitive; and I’m looking to a very good outcome for us at the end,” the chairman said.

BurlCo: Andl not preoccupied by GOP swap-out of Howarth