CD2 Crossfire: Hughes hits back at LoBo’s fundraising record

Words of anger and words of blame cascaded back and forth between the two opponents in CD2.

Democrat Bill Hughes, Jr., launched a television attack ad on incumbent Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-2), prompting the incumbent to strike back.

The congressman said Hughes was hypocritical to stand with casino workers on one day then hobnob with former Governor Ed Rendell the next.

That caused the Hughes Campaign to return fire.

“If you want to talk brazen hypocrisy, let’s talk about LoBiondo holding a fundraiser with Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the man responsible for denying unemployed casino workers extended unemployed benefits the day the Showboat announced its closure,” said Hughes Campaign Manager Keith Rosendahl. “If you want to talk brazen hypocrisy let’s talk about Congressman LoBiondo holding fundraisers with Gov Christie, a champion for North Jersey casinos.

“Once again Frank LoBiondo is failing the people of South Jersey by blaming a former Governor [who hasn’t been in office for 4 years] of another state for our casino closings and job losses while for 20 years congress Frank did nothing that stopped the closures or loss of jobs,” Rosendahl added. “It’s time for Frank to accept the truth – he has failed our district, failed our city and failed our workers. It Frank disagrees with any of this, he should accept a debate in an open forum and we can discuss how his 20 years in Washington have failed to do anything for South Jersey.” CD2 Crossfire: Hughes hits back at LoBo’s fundraising record