CD3: firefighter letter sparks questions in labor

The main conflict in the CD3 race hinges on Burlington versus Ocean counties.

Republicans know they need big numbers in GOP-heavy Ocean to spurn what Burlington County Freeholder Aimee Belgard picks up on her home base, where Democrats outnumber registered Republicans, 88,000 to 64,000.

But there are other divides, labor key among them.

The carpenters back Republican Tom MacArthur, while the firefighters support Belgard.

The firefighters’ official dedication to the Democrat had some in their ranks livid when they read the cease and desist letter signed by firefighters today on behalf of MacArthur.

A source with knowledge of the inner workings of union fire noted that not a single name on the letter was a career firefighter.

They’re all registered Republicans in GOP towns, many of them from GOP stronghold Cinnaminson.

All three firefighter unions in CD3 endorsed Belgard, as did the firefighters’ international.

  CD3: firefighter letter sparks questions in labor