Christie writes off Democrats’ Bridgegate anniversary presser as “nakedly partisan”

ATLANTIC CITY –  Gov. Chris Christie had some strong words this afternoon for the trio of Democrats who dared to resurrect feelings of scandal surrounding last year’s closing of access lanes at the George Washington Bridge with a press conference in Fort Lee this morning.

“Nakedly partisan,” is how Christie described the event, which was held on the one year anniversary of the lane closings by state and national Democrats hoping to draw attention to the ongoing scandal that has dogged the Republican governor since.

“I also love when the chairman of the DNC comes and proves my point on something, that there are certain folks in this instance that just want to be nakedly partisan and I think that three trio you had up there shows just how nakedly partisan it was,” Christie said.

While Christie held is own conference in Atlantic City today following a closed-door summit with local stakeholders and gaming experts on the city’s ailing economy — the centerpiece of which, according to the governor, was its bi-partisan nature — three Democrats, including the chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, were in Fort Lee talking about Bridgegate.

There, Wasserman Shultz called the promises Christie ran on during his re-election campaign — which took place in the midst of the lane closing controversy — a “sham,” while Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson called for the governor’s resignation.

“Was it a political score to settle? An effort to be a big bully? Part of a real estate conspiracy? Or just because he could?” asked New Jersey State Democratic Committee Chairman John Currie, also present at the presser. “We would like to know who issued the order, and why. One year after Bridgegate, we know still very, very little about what happened.”

“I view Gov. Christie as someone who is ignoring his constituents,” Wasserman Schultz said. “He is willing to spend time on anything other than moving New Jersey forward. He only cares about one thing: Chris Christie and his own ambition.” 

But Christie fired back with his own assessment of the DNC’s action when asked by a reporter what he thought about it. He especially was critically of Watson Coleman, a Democratic candidate in the congressional race in district 5 “who was thrown off the Bridgegate committee because of her lack of objectivity by her own party,” according to Christie.

“So I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about that,” he said.

Christie writes off Democrats’ Bridgegate anniversary presser as “nakedly partisan”