Fernando Cabrera Blames ‘Liberal Media’ for Senate Loss

Councilman Fernando Cabrera blamed a biased "liberal media" for sinking his bid against State Senator Gustavo Rivera.

Councilman Fernando Cabrera. (Photo: NYC Council/William Alatriste)
Councilman Fernando Cabrera. (Photo: NYC Council/William Alatriste) Photo: William Alatriste for NYC Council

The liberal media did him in.

That was the opinion of Councilman Fernando Cabrera, a socially conservative pastor, who failed to unseat State Senator Gustavo Rivera in the Bronx yesterday.

“He had the mayor, he had the borough president, he had county, he had all the unions, he had liberal media, he had the LGBT community–what was left?” Mr. Cabera told the Observer at City Hall today. “It was absolutely unfair. I think [the media] was very biased. It was clear, every time we tried to put our message out, it was not being put forth correctly or misrepresented.”

Mr. Rivera, a fellow Democrat who is socially liberal, beat Mr. Cabrera by about 20 points. The pastor drew fire from the political establishment for his links to various conservative causes and his apparent praise of a Ugandan anti-gay law. Multiple colleagues of Mr. Cabrera angrily denounced his views–he is pro-life and opposed to gay marriage–at a recent press conference. On Election Day, Mr. Cabrera even had trouble voting.

But Mr. Cabrera was all smiles at City Hall today. He chatted with council members at a press conference introducing legislation he had sponsored and told reporters it wasn’t awkward to return to the chambers. He joked that some council members “had worked so hard to get me back to the council.”

“I’m glad to be here. I love this job–listen, I love it. Obviously, nobody can ever accuse me of wanting to go to the senate for financial gain. That would’ve been a $30,000 cut,” he said.

Fernando Cabrera Blames ‘Liberal Media’ for Senate Loss