Firefighters send letter to brother Arizona fireman asking for denunciation of DCCC ad

Today the MacArthur for Congress campaign issued a letter from 41 local firefighters to John Teefy, a firefighter from Phoenix, Arizona, who appeared in an advertisement from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, entitled “Fire.”

In the letter,  firefighters from Burlington and Ocean Counties call on Teefy to ask the DCCC to cease airing the advertisement, which MacArthur calls bunk.

Below is a full text of the letter signed by the firefighters…

September 23, 2014

Dear Brother Teefy,

We write this letter not only as concerned private citizens, but also as fellow firefighters who live in New Jersey’s Third Congressional District. It has come to our attention that you are prominently featured in a political advertisement, paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) that is currently airing on cable television systems in our area. The ad and its content are generating a significant amount of media attention locally, and is a source of great controversy.

In the advertisement, titled “Fire”, you claim that your “brother and sister firefighters had to take Tom MacArthur’s company to court over all of these denied claims”, which references a lawsuit filed by Phoenix firefighters regarding insurance claims handled by a firm named Avizent, and later by York Risk Services, Inc. after York purchased Avizent in December of 2011. Regrettably, whoever provided you with information that Tom MacArthur had anything whatsoever to do with these claims has intentionally and seriously misled you with regard to the facts. Moreover, in our opinion, the DCCC is exploiting you, and your Phoenix brothers and sisters, in a shameful attempt to score political points at Mr. MacArthur’s expense.

The fact of the matter is that Tom MacArthur ceased running day-to-day operations at York Risk Services, Inc. in April of 2009, and retired from the company completely on December 28, 2010. To be clear, Tom MacArthur’s retirement date was nearly a full year before York Risk Services, Inc. acquired Avizent and thus became involved in the Phoenix Firefighter claims.  

As brother firefighters, we empathize with your anger over the disputed claims involving your fellow firefighters in Phoenix. However, you need to understand that at the time of Tom MacArthur’s retirement from York Risk Services, Inc., there was absolutely no connection between York and the Phoenix firefighter claims, as you allege in the advertisement. In short, the charge you make in the ad is not true.  It disparages a good man with false information.

It is our genuine hope that you will consider these facts and stand up for truth and integrity – qualities that are extremely important to all of us as firefighters – and request that the DCCC cease airing the advertisement in which you appear. It is undoubtedly the right thing to do.

 Thank you for your service and consideration,


Chris Aldrich, Ocean County

Ron Brown, Ocean County

Matt Ambrosio, Ocean County

Ken Anderson, Ocean County

Riley Applegate, Ocean County

Kyle Asbrand, Burlington County

Dennis Barcalow, Ocean County

Ray Brandmahl, Ocean County

Todd Camburn, Ocean County

Bill Conley, Burlington County

Rob Corliss, Ocean County

Paul Dasti, Ocean County

John Dennis, Ocean County

Jeff Dever, Burlington County

Stan Ferriolo, Ocean County

Thomas Fischer, Burlington County

Baron Giberson, Ocean County

George Gruning, Ocean County

James Heaney, Ocean County

Ray Hlubik, Burlington County

Joseph Joyce, Burlington County

Brian Kubiel, Ocean County

Greg Lebak, Burlington County

Nicholas McGavin, Ocean County

Martin Murphy, Burlington County

Dave Nicola, Ocean County

Anthony O’Hare, Ocean County

Michael Phillips, Ocean County

Rick Pumphrey, Ocean County

C.J. Ricciuti, Burlington County

John Serpica, Ocean County

Ron Siconolfi, Burlington County

Harry Smith, Burlington County

Gerry Spence, Burlington County

James Sperber, Ocean County

Dennis Tredy, Ocean County

Keith Wideman, Ocean County

Rick Widmer, Ocean County

Barry Wieck, Ocean County

Jordan Wilson, Ocean County

Brian Wojcik, Ocean County Firefighters send letter to brother Arizona fireman asking for denunciation of DCCC ad