Foreign Diplomats Owe $16 Million in Parking Tickets

A parking meter. (Photo: Flickr/Lucius Kwok)
A foreign concept to UN diplomats. (Photo: Flickr/Lucius Kwok)

The United Nations General Assembly has a lot to deal with this week: climate change, ISIS, Ebola and now… parking tickets? According to The Wall Street Journal, foreign diplomatic officials owe New York City more than $16 million in unpaid tickets.

The fines accumulated over a ten year period from over 180 countries. As Time points out, that’s all but fifteen countries in the world. Egypt tops the list of violators, owing nearly $2 million and over 17,000 summonses. It is joined by Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil, Morocco, and Pakistan as some of the top offenders.

The Journal further reports that $15.6 million was racked up by tickets issued prior to 2002, before former-Mayor Bloomberg’s crackdown on parking violations across the city.

A spokesman for Egypt’s mission to the UN told the Journal he had no details about the tickets, while officials from Pakistan, Indonesia and Morocco declined to comment. Foreign Diplomats Owe $16 Million in Parking Tickets