General Electric’s Commercials Are Getting Really Bananagrams (Video)

General Electric is trying to revamp it’s image in the weirdest way possible: with a Tim & Eric-helmed commercial starring Jeff Goldblum:

I can’t say I’m surprised: If you watched Saturday Night Live this weekend, you might have noticed the first commercial after Chris Pratt’s monologue. No, not for Cialis Turnt, the other one. The one that seemed like a Terrence Malick mini-movie, about a boy who can communicate with technology by beeping.

Just for the record (because I love being right): I called this as a GE commercial within two seconds, to the astonishment of my husband and probably yourself as well, had you been in the vicinity. It’s no big deal, it’s just this talent I have, of being able to recognize manipulative, well-produced content and source it to a brand name ASAP. I am very hashtag blessed in that way.

No, the reason I knew it was a GE commercial was because they’ve been pulling this Ron Howard-by-way-of-Spike Jones bullshit for awhile now. Like that beautiful “Ideas are scary” muppet:

Or the one about the kid whose mom works at GE:

What all these ads have in common (besides the dreamy, whimsical aesthetic) is that they are vague enough that even after you realize it’s a General Electric commercial, you feel like they’re doing something important, if undefinable, to bring you back to your childhood. Is it a DeLorean? Is it a Nostalgia potion? Is it Sunstream, the fictional company from 30 Rock, owned by Gavin Volure?

What is the product? Who cares, it’s Sunstream. Or General Electric. Good job, you guys, now I just want to give your $500 million gas turbines a giant hug.

General Electric’s Commercials Are Getting Really Bananagrams (Video)