Gerbils and Gay Bombs: 10 of the Most Obscure Sex Articles on Wikipedia

We're talking about more than just strange sex positions.

With Wikipedia providing 24/7 access to information about  everything, chances are you’ve used the site to build up your wealth of sexual knowledge at least once. From pages on the basics looked up by preteens to articles on the type of arcane sex move you first heard of in a movie staring Russell Brand, Seth Rogen or someone of that sort, it’s all there. While on an adventure through the depths of Wikipedia, Betabeat discovered some of the most obscure and little-known articles relating to sex. Here they are:

Don't they suffice as pets? (Wikimedia Commons)
Don’t they suffice as pets? (Wikimedia Commons)

1. Gerbilling

This urban legend of a sexual practice — also known as gerbil stuffing or gerbil shooting — involves inserting small live animals into one’s rectum for pleasure. As you could probably guess, this most often involves gerbils, but could be done with various small creatures such as mice or hamsters as well. Years have been spent trying to label this tale fact or fiction, with no success so far. One gossip columnist for the National Inquirer said, “I’ve never worked harder on a story in my life.”

2. Gay Bomb

This article details two theoretical weapons speculated by the U.S. Air Force that would not kill nor injure the enemy, but would instead make them stop, drop and make love to their fellow troops. Now, these non-lethal chemical weapons haven’t been produced, so it’s not clear exactly how they would work or what would ensue as a result, but causing sexual attraction between enemy troops was the goal, and a discharge of female pheromones was the proposed method.

Look out, mile high club .(Philosophy of Science Portal)
Look out, mile high club .(Philosophy of Science Portal)

3. Sex in Space

It’s exactly what it sounds like, and the article states “the topic has taken a respected place in life sciences.” Scientists have been researching the prospects of off-earth sex and reproduction in attempts to combat both physiological and pyschosocial issues involved with doing it in space. Apparently, someone even developed a garment called a 2Suit to allow for effortless intimacy, and presumably, sex that is literally out of this world.

4. Taoist Sexual Practices

Literally, “the bedroom arts,” Taoists sexual practices — also known as “joining energy” or “the journey of the essences” — deal with the Yin, the Yang and the more spiritual side of sex. Some Taoist theories on sex —like the idea that ejaculation causes disease and premature aging — aren’t in line with common ideas regarding sex. However, the idea that “sexual arts” help us maintain good health and achieve longevity is a little more spot on.

Pandas gone wild! (Wikipedia)
Pandas gone wild! (Wikipedia)

5. Panda Pornography

In this type of erotica, pandas are both the stars of the show and the target audience. Panda porn first became a thing when zoologists began showing it to pandas in Chaing Mai Zoo to encourage them to mate. A total of 31 cubs were born within ten months of the experiment, but the success of the films hasn’t been noted outside of China.

 6. Enumclaw Horse Sex Case

Consider this incident a case of a horse riding a man, rather than a man riding a horse. In 2005, Kenneth Pinyan received anal sex from a stallion and later died from resulting injuries. A sex tape was recorded and later disseminated throughout the Internet.

You get the picture.(Wikimedia Commons)
You get the picture.(Wikimedia Commons)

7. Sleep Sex/Sexsonmia

This article details a sleep disorder that causes affected individuals to engage in sexual activities while asleep. You may have seen it in pop culture or even the court room, as the condition has successfully been used as a defense in cases of rape and sexual assault.

8. List of Sexually Active Popes

Whoa, what? Popes that likes to bone? Yup, and the list is long enough to warrant a Wikipedia article. Apparently, celibacy for Catholic church officials wasn’t mandatory until 1139, and it appears that many who came before that time took advantage of their right to have sex and marry. A number since were sexually active before receiving Holy Orders, and some have even been accused of engaging in sexual activity during pontificate.

Just two bros in love. (Wikipedia)
Just two bros in love. (Wikipedia)

9. List of Animals Displaying Homosexual Behaviors

If you have’t heard, homosexuality has been observed in several different animals from mammals, to fish, to insects. Cats, dogs, fruit flies, Monarch butterflies and yeast are just a few examples. The list goes on and on. Currently the number of types of animals is 150 and counting.

10. Sacred Band of Thebes

The Sacred Band of Thebes was an elite force in the Theban army in the fourth century BC that consisted of 150 pairs of male lovers. The troop played a vital role in the Battle of Leuctra where they defeated the Spartans. One could say love was on their side.

  Gerbils and Gay Bombs: 10 of the Most Obscure Sex Articles on Wikipedia