Here Are Some ‘Twin Peaks’-Inspired T-Shirts, Hats and Pizza Plates

This shirt says, "Laura Palmer Traci Lords." Traci Lords was a porn star who turned out — whoopsy! — to be only 15. The theme of this shirt, we guess, is sexually active teens? (Photo via Black Weirdos)
A bright orange hat that says "Welcome to Twin Peaks." (Photo via Black Weirdos)
A zigzag pullover. (Photo via Black Weirdos)
This isn't part of the collection, just wanted to freak you out. (Photo via TwinPeaks.wikia)
A sweatshirt that reads, inexplicably, "Killer BOB Cheech Marin." (Photo via Black Weirdos)
The Killer BOB coat. (Photo via Black Weirdos)
A tasteful trompe l'oeil pizza plate. (Photo via Black Weirdos)
A T-shirt featuring the guy from perhaps the most frequently referenced dream sequence in TV history. (Photo via Black Weirdos)
Killer BOB is watching YOU. (Photo via Black Weirdos)

Using Twin Peaks as ’50s-meets-’90s autumnal wardrobe inspiration is largely regarded as a good idea (thanks in large part to Tavi Gevinson’s love for the series).

It’s always been simple for ladies, who can channel their inner Audrey Hornes by donning pleated skirts and high-necked sweaters. And now, a new line of menswear from the Japanese label Black Weirdos is making it easier for dudes to pay sartorial homage to the show, too.

Black Weirdos’ autumn and winter 2014 collection features plenty of Twin Peaks influence, from the overt — coats that say “Killer BOB” on the back — to the subtle — a zigzag print that looks straight out of the Great Northern.

It’s unclear whether it’s available for purchase in the US yet, but you can buy certain pieces online from if you know how to read Japanese. The killer Laura Palmer Traci Lords T-shirt is listed for 7,344 yen, or about $67. We’ve contacted the designers to see if the collection will be available stateside anytime soon.

As a Monday bonus, after you’ve perused the slideshow, please also enjoy this 1990 interview with the cast on an ancient daytime talk show called Donahue, a creepy relic from the dark and boring pre-Oprah days. Watch as the maniacal, old-timey robot host interviews the cast and tells of the quaint tradition of “rushing home from work” to catch a TV show.

They later discuss the phenomenon of a renowned film director deigning to create a TV show, and how crazy it is that people actually want to gather to talk about each episode after it’s aired. It’s a real testament to just how ahead of his time show creator David Lynch was. The Sopranos gets all the credit for turning TV into an art form, but Twin Peaks was at it a solid 10 years before it officially became cool.


(h/t Cool Hunting)

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