Hudson County 2015: O’Dea: ‘I can’t deny Tommy’s lined up a lot of chess pieces’

Hudson County politics junkies are either starting to resign themselves to Democratic Primary peace next year when it comes to county executive – or going on self-indulgent tangents of denial.

“It’s not true,” a source blurted to PolitickerNJ, when told of Hudson County Freeholder Bill O’Dea’s increasing difficulty in being able to summon a rationale for challenging incumbent County Executive Tom DeGise.

When Steve Fulop won the 2013 Jersey City mayor’s race, O’Dea was supposed to be the next sherpa in the renegade mountain party dedicated to throwing another HCDO establishment player out of office.

But the newly ensconced in City Hall Fulop indulged less in snaggle-toothed opposition with Hudson power and more in peaceful resonance, making a bombthrowing compadre like O’Dea an uncomfortable political appendage.

DeGise’s PacMan-like ability to gobble up endorsements – twin kingpin senators Brian P. Stack and Nick Sacco chief among them – also made it difficult for the Jersey City freeholder with a penchant for novel writing to gain traction heading toward 2015.

“I can’t deny that Tommy’s lined up a lot of chess pieces,” O’Dea told PolitickerNJ.

“From my perspective, the single biggest factor is Stack,” the freeholder added. “Brian is Brian.”

Stack discovered he wanted to make peace with Sacco in time for DeGise to sew up support toward his own re-election, stripping a potential powerful ally away from O’Dea.

“Steve’s 100% with me,” he said of the Jersey City mayor, musing on his young ally’s gubernatorial prospects, “but let’s be honest, he’s got bigger aspirations. What does he gain from a bloody civil war?”

As he mulls over his prospects, O’Dea’s running in a Nov. 4th general election in pursuit of another four years on the freeholder board.

“I’ll make an announcement [regarding what he intends to do about county executive] right after the November election,” he said. Hudson County 2015: O’Dea: ‘I can’t deny Tommy’s lined up a lot of chess pieces’