It's Official: Nobody Likes iOS 8


Also the most frustrating, apparently. (Facebook)
Also the most frustrating, apparently. (Facebook)

Apple’s new operating system, iOS 8, debuted today, and as we predicted last week, no one’s particularly thrilled about it. Though iOS 8 has some intriguing new features, like an updated keyboard and device continuity (i.e., the ability to receive texts and phone calls from your desktop computer), we can’t exactly say that excitement is abounding.

The grievances are many and varied. Unlike past software updates, which tended to require around 1 GB of free space, iOS 8 seems to be requiring a whopping 5.7 GB on iPhones and iPads.

The solution to the storage problem, apparently, is to plug your device into your computer, open iTunes, and use iTunes to download iOS 8. Otherwise, there’s a chance the installation could automatically delete some of your device’s data.

For those who had the requisite free space on their devices, the obstacles weren’t over. Many were also faced with multiple-hours-long download times.

Even once iOS 8 finally made it onto people’s phones, many people’s reactions were pretty meh.

And because it’s 2014, there was particular sadness around iOS 8’s dearth of new emojis. Apparently, besides still not being able to flip each other off in emoji-speak, people are REALLY sad about not being able to talk about volleyball, of all things.

On the bright side, doublethink will probably kick in in a week, and we’ll all completely forget that anything prior to iOS8 even existed. It's Official: Nobody Likes iOS 8