Jon Hamm Steps Into ‘Black Mirror’ Christmas Special

Featuring "Yuletide techno-paranoia"

Jon Hamm shaves in a dark mirror.
Jon Hamm shaves in a dark mirror.

I told you so. Remember? Remember when I told all of you that Black Mirror was the best thing to happen in horror television since American Horror Story? And how you needed to watch it ASAP so you could understand how our relationship with technology could prove a more fertile ground for reflection than Her? And that you all needed to experience the devastating paranoia of “The Entire History of You” or the grief-laden whimsy of “Be Right Back,” or the paparazzi-induced horror of “White Bear?” You need to be watching this show.

And now you all will, since America’s sexiest absentee father figure Jon Hamm has signed on for a movie-length version of a very special Black Mirror Christmas special.

From The Guardian:

The Mad Men star joins One Day’s Rafe Spall and Game of Thrones’ Oona Chaplin in a one-off 90-minute Christmas special, which promises to be “the most mind-bending episode yet, showcasing three interwoven stories of Yuletide techno-paranoia”, according to Channel 4.

In other news, “Yuletide techno-paranoia” is my new favorite phrase, as it pretty much sums up the feeling you get when Nana asks you to explain Tinder right in the middle of Christmas dinner.

And don’t think I’ve forgotten you Rafe Spall fans out there! I have to admit, I don’t really get his appeal, but I loved that guy in Prometheus. Jon Hamm Steps Into ‘Black Mirror’ Christmas Special